The MINI-EOC (Electron Optical Culumn) is available for surface analysis and measurements as an electron beam source of a low acceleration SEM.

We will respond to your request of special specifications.

MINI-EOC va=2000V va=1000V va=200V
va=100V va=30V
MINI-EOC Secondary electron images at low acceleration voltages
SampleFCu 400 meshiLSF32ʂj

MINI-EOC can be used for measurement and analysis that require high current density and low acceleration voltage such as LEED (Low Energy Electron Diffraction), AES (Auger Electron Spectroscopy), EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray spectrometry), EELS (Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy) and so on. It is also used in combination with SPM (Scanning Probe Microscope) which requires ultra-high vacuum.
* A power supply is necessary to operate MINI-EOC.
* We also sell SED (Secondary Electron Detectors) for detection as a SEM.


Attachable electron beam barrel

It can be installed on the ICF 114 flange.

Ultrahigh vacuum system

Baking up to 150 is possible.

Low acceleration observation

It is possible to observe the outermost surface of the sample.
(The acceleration voltage can be set from several tens of V to 5 kV.)

High current density electron beam

Signal detection is possible with irradiation current of `10 nA.

Electrostatic-typed electrode

It can be applied to the sample which dislikes the magnetic field because the lens and the deflection electrodes are electrostatic type.

Electron gun gate valve

Even if the sample chamber is released to the atmosphere, the vacuum of the electron gun chamber can be maintained.

Configuration for electron microscopy



Electron beam lithography using MINI-EOC

Bio-sample observations without metal coating

sem sem

For the bservation of four-point probes in a STM (scanning tunneling microscope)
For the source of Mott detector
For the source of EBSD (Electron Backscatter Diffraction)


Acceleration voltage

`5000 V

Beam current

3~10-12 `10-8 A

Minimum beam diameter

ca. 10 nm
(at AV=5000 V, Beam current=0.3 nA, WD=8 mm)

Vacuum container

Vacuum condition: less than 2~10-3 Pa
Interface: ICF 114


ca. 19 kg


Electron gun

Electron sourceFZrO/W
Suppressor electrode
Extracting electrode
Control lens
Electron gun gate valve


Electrostatic, 4-pole


Electrostatic, 8-pole, single layer

Scanning deflector

Electrostatic, 8-pole, double layer

Objective lens