Precision scriber AMC series

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This is a device for making cross section specimens for SEM observation of mask glass, silicon, SiC, liquid crystal substrate, sapphire substrate and so on.

AMC-8000 AMC-7800 AMC-7600

We have a AMC-7600 and AMC-7800 for product demonstrations.

The AMC series can scribe wafers, masks and TFTs with high precision. By using the AMC series, we can obtain the cross-section surface with easily produced.
–The AMC series is a device only for scribing.


High-accuracy positioning

It is possible to scribe with position accuracy of } 2.5 ƒΚm.

Easy operation

The procedure is as follows.
‡@Specify the scribing position ("Teaching")
‡AAutomatically scribe by pressing the start button
‡BSkip over the observation area according to the teaching
‡CFracture of the sample
‡DCutout of the sumple

How to use (movie)

Pressure holding system

Even if the specimen has a curved surface, it is possible to scribe the desired position at a constant pressure and constant speed.(patented)


AMC-7600 AMC-7800 AMC-8000
Material Glass (Photomasks, Thin Film Transistor LCD, quartz glass etc.)
Semiconductor wafers
Sample size No limits
*The target area shoud be clipped if the sample is larger than 200 mm.
Stage size ƒΣ8 inch
Travel distance X=50 mm, Y=230 mm, ƒΖ=360‹
Position accuracy }15 ƒΚm }2.5 ƒΚm
Optical system Stereomicroscope Monocular microscope
Imaging system Visual CCD + LCD monitor
Illumination system Fibre-Optic Light Source Coaxial epi-illumination
Magnification ca. ~15`90 ca. ~25`140 ca. ~75`400
Power supply AC 100 V
Size [mm] 445W ~ 800D ~ 550H 445W ~ 535D ~ 620H 550W ~ 650D ~ 570H
Weight [kg] ca. 53 ca. 50 ca. 78